Dr. Idelman
Dr. IdelmanFlash 90
The chairman of Israel’s Medical Federation, Dr. Leonid Idelman, declared Monday that he is launching a hunger strike that will only end when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu gets personally involved in the dispute over doctor’s wages.
Idelman held a news conference and announced that the striking doctors would later today begin “a march for saving Israeli the Israeli medical profession.” They will walk from the offices of the Medical Federation to the Prime Minister’s Office and deliver a petition signed by tens of thousands of citizens who support the struggle, he said.
Idelman mentioned the National Labor Court’s decision early Monday morning that upheld the doctors’ right to continue the strike.” There is no doubt that justice is on our side. It is clear to every doctor, every patient, every nurse, that the health system is collapsing. The State has abandoned the medical services, the patients and the doctors.”
After 128 of struggle, he said, “We ask – where are you, Mr. Prime Minister and Minister of Health Binyamin Netanyahu? The severe shortage in doctors and the suffering become worse from year to year. On your watch things have reached a critical point. On your watch, catastrophe is around the corner. We ask – where are you, Binyamin Netanyahu? You can make a simple decision between a catastrophe and a solution… Give us the tools we need to help the patients.”