Zimbabwean Activist Machinda Marongwe
Zimbabwean Activist Machinda Marongwe Yoni Kempinski
One of the topics being debated at the Kimberley Process Intersessional Meeting in Tel Aviv is the proposal to cancel the ban on the purchasing of Zimbabwean diamonds, a ban which came as a response to the claim and evidence proving that the money is funding controversial violent segments of the Zimbabwean regime.

Arutz Sheva TV spoke with two activists, Allan Martin, a Research Director at "Partnership Africa-Canada" and Machinda Marongwe, Program Director at the National Association for NGOs in Zimbabwe. The activists say that the ban must not be cancelled, and they determine that the money supports murder, rape and violence.

During the meeting this week in Tel Aviv, the activists are campaigning for the release of their colleague Farai Maguwu, who was arrested by the Zimbabwean regime following his actions against the funding of "blood-diamonds." He was arrested prior to his planned flight to the Kimberley Process event in Tel Aviv.
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