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Lauder Women's Jewels to Auction for Breast Cancer Research

Lauder Women's Jewels to Auction for Research

Sparkling diamonds are 'a girl's best friend' – especially when they bring millions at a Sotheby's Auction for breast cancer research.

Israeli Combats Sierra Leone's 'Blood Diamond' Image

Fighting Sierra Leone's 'Blood Diamond' Image

An Israeli billionaire is getting in on the ground floor of the return to prosperity in Sierra Leone, where "blood diamonds" are gone.

Made in Israel: Briza's Tech Brings out a Diamond's Colorplayer

Bringing Out a Diamond's Color

Israeli Briza Color Diamonds' new technology enables diamond companies to turn polished whites into color enhanced diamonds.

Israeli Diamonds: Some of the Best in the Worldplayer

Israeli Diamonds Among the Best

AN international jewelry and diamond exhibition took place this past week in one of the world's best-known diamond making countries: Israel.

Israeli Insurers and Diamantaires Feel Japanese Fallout

Diamond Export Recovery Aborted

Like most participants in the global economy Israel will suffer general and particular losses from the Japanese disaster.

Alert Airport Customs Police Foil Zimbabwe Diamond Smuggling

Diamond Smuggling Foiled

Alert authorities at Ben Gurion Airport foil an attempt to smuggle $140,000 worth of non-certified diamonds from the Marange field in Zimbabwe.

Star of David Design Found in Diamond, Linked to Kabbalahplayer

‘The Star of David Diamond’

A one-of-a-kind natural diamond with the design of the Star of David has been discovered, Hidabroot TV revealed.

Cleaning the Kishon River and Looking for Diamonds

Clean-Up and Diamonds in Kishon

The polluted Kishon River will soon be the object of a major cleaning and purification project, as a $100 million company searches it for di

Are Zimbabwean Diamonds 'Blood-Diamonds?'player

Zimbabwean Diamonds - Blood?

Activists at Kimberley Process Inter-sessional panel in Israel: Zimbabwean diamond industry funds terror; regime illegally arrested our colleague.

Israel Elected to Lead Battle Against 'Blood-Diamonds'player

Israel Fighting 'Blood-Diamonds'

Israel was elected to chair the "Kimberley Process," an international joint initiative to stem the flow of rough diamonds used to finance terror

Zimbabwe Diamond Activist Jailed before Israel Appearance

Diamond Activist to Miss Meeting

A Zimbabwe activist fighting rights violations in the diamond industry has been jailed before an appearance in Tel Aviv.

Israel and UAE: Diamonds are the Region's Best Friends

Israel and UAE: Diamond Friends

Israel's diamond industry is accomplishing what decades of diplomacy has not -- a quiet agreement with the United Arab Emirates.

Diamond Industry Sparkling Post-Economic Crisis

Israeli Gems Sparkle in January

Israel's diamond industry has taken great strides in recovering from the global economic crisis of 2009.

Israeli Diamonds in Space - May Be a Satellite's Best Friend

Israeli Diamonds Fly in Space

Israeli diamonds now sparkle not only on happy Jewish women but also amidst twinkling stars, after Atlantis launched two of them into outer space.

Goodbye to Dubai; Israelis not Affected

Goodbye to Dubai

The Arab world’s refusal to recognize Israel helped Israelis to escape the fallout of the Dubai financial debacle. Most diamond firms stayed away.