Brother of anti-vax activist who died of coronavirus begs: Go get vaccinated

'Save your lives and the lives of those close to you - go get vaccinated,' urges Avi Shaulian, brother of deceased anti-vaccine activist Hai Shaulian.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hai Shaulian
Hai Shaulian
Yehonatan Gottlieb

Avi Shaulian, brother of anti-vaccine activist Hai Shaulian who died Monday of coronavirus, on Tuesday urged Israelis to get vaccinated.

In an interview with Kan Reshet Bet, Avi said, "All those who oppose [vaccines] and his supporters - save yourselves and go get vaccinated."

"The family is crushed, we are mourning, and we don't know how to digest this. Hai's message was, 'Love your fellow as yourself.' My obligation is to request that those who did not get vaccinated go get vaccinated. Save your lives and the lives of those close to you."

Avi also spoke about his brother, saying, "Since coronavirus came, he has been a social activist opposing vaccines and the Green Pass. But he never denied coronavirus. He also wasn't against vaccines in general - just the coronavirus vaccine. He claimed that the vaccine wasn't researched properly and it might have long-term effects."

"His condition was pretty serious right from the start. Two days after he became sick he had difficulty breathing. He didn't regret it and believed in his path until the end. He didn't agree to be intubated and put under - he was intubated, but not unconscious."