Hamas newspaper: Israel surrendered to Gaza's resistance

Hamas-affiliated newspaper presents Israel's relief measures for Gaza as a move influenced by the Palestinian “resistance”.

Dalit Halevi ,

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett
Koby Gideon/GPO

The website of the Hamas-affiliated Al-Risala newspaper is presenting the recent relief measures for Gaza that were implemented by Israel as a move imposed on it under pressure from the Palestinian “resistance”.

"The residents of Gaza have forcibly rescued the economic relief that the occupation authorities delayed for more than three months, due to the pressure and popular struggle that led the occupation to allow goods to be brought in, thus returning to the reality that existed before the last aggression last May," the newspaper claimed.

The Hamas newspaper also stated, "The residents of Gaza are waiting for the Qatari grant to be transferred in the coming days, while at the same time the occupation authorities have announced a package of concessions for the Gaza Strip, including increasing the fishing zone to 15 miles, increasing the number of work permits (in Israel) from 2,000 to 7,000, as well as increasing the amount of water for Gaza."

On Wednesday, citing security officials in Israel, Dr. Amir Bohbot reported that the relief measures for the Gaza Strip are intended to create a divide and rule between Hamas, which is the governmental authority, and the Palestinian street, thereby undermining Hamas' legitimacy to riot across the border and launch incendiary balloons at Israel.

According to the Israeli security sources, the Hamas leadership should internalize that it should return to the negotiating table and reach a compromise in order to receive large projects such as industrial zones and the rehabilitation of the Gaza Strip in exchange for the return of prisoners and missing persons.

On the other hand, sources close to Hamas told the Al-Quds newspaper that the movement's leadership has no objection to advancing the issue of the exchange deal and provided that it is in accordance with its terms.