Health Min. hopes to approve 3rd vaccine dose for over-40s this week

Health sector leaders warn a delay in approving 3rd vaccine doses for people over the age of 40 could cost lives.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

COVID vaccine
COVID vaccine
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A number of senior officials in the health system, headed by the director general of the Health Ministry, Prof. Nachman Ash, are calling for the administration of a third vaccination dose to begin for those aged 40 and over soon, even this week - after receiving the appropriate approvals.

Prof. Ash told Israel Hayom that he was in favor of immediate approval of a third vaccine for those aged 40 and over, adding that "we will monitor the efficacy and safety data in the coming week, and see if such a decision can be made."

Clalit Health Services head Prof. Zion Hagai, who is also among the supporters of the move, added that "postponing the vaccine for people aged 40 to 50 can cost lives. A vaccine for people aged 40 and over will also increase protection against the Delta variant among the population, and reduce the rate of serious morbidity. There is no other way to reduce morbidity except by vaccination, and there is already information about a large number of people who received a third vaccine without side effects and that it is even less than those who were in the second vaccine."

Prof. Yehuda Adler, an expert in internal cardiology and medical administration and coronavirus adviser to numerous municipal authorities, stated that "in the current situation, when the epidemic is raging in Israel due to the lack of leadership, there is no choice but to give the vaccine to people aged 40 and over. I also do not understand how we have not yet vaccinated the teaching staff with a third vaccine dose, when the school year will soon begin. That sounds very illogical."

Israel's Health Ministry on Saturday evening reported that 5,868 new coronavirus cases were diagnosed throughout Friday, bringing the number of active cases nationwide to 48,401.

A total of 130,440 coronavirus tests were performed that same day, when the percentage of positive results received stood at 4.93%.

Earlier this week, Israel opened the third dose of the vaccine to those ages 50-60. Since the start of the campaign to vaccinate the elderly, 860,137 Israelis have received their third "booster" dose.

One allergic reaction has been reported following receipt of the third dose, and it is under investigation by the Health Ministry.

At the same time, 5,412,255 Israelis have received their second dose of the vaccine, including 27% of youth ages 12-15 and 68.3% of those ages 16-19.