Bennett at Yamina conference: This government will last four years

PM at conference of Yamina activists: Ayelet Shaked is flourishing in the Ministry of the Interior, I am proud of Nir Orbach.

Ido Ben Porat , | updated: 11:45 PM

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and the ministers and Knesset members of Yamina participated on Wednesday evening in a conference for party activists held in Rishon Lezion.

Bennett said in his speech, "Ayelet Shaked is flourishing in the Ministry of the Interior. Everyone sees that she is going to make revolutions." On MK Abir Kara, the Prime Minister said, "There is no wall that he cannot break."

MK Nir Orbach also received compliments when Bennett said, "I am proud of Nir Orbach who hesitated and finally decided to support [the government]".

"This government will last for a full four years and is a government of all the people of Israel. "There is no first or second or third Israel - there is one Israel," Bennett stressed, declaring, "Israel is back to work. We are not giving up our country, what we believe in. We are not giving up an inch of our ideology."

The Prime Minister continued, "It was a difficult journey, the truth must be told. The journey began quite a few years ago. Lots of ups and downs."

"The day after the inauguration I arrived for the overlap [with former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu]. It was short but the last decade has trained us well and when my predecessor, opposition leader Netanyahu, left the room, I was left alone in the room and sat on the Prime Minister's chair, and I did not feel pride or respect but a very heavy burden. A burden, a duty and a mission."

Bennett stressed that "a leftist is not an enemy. We are fighting and working while criticism and curses are being shouted at us from the side. They will shout - we will work."

"We are going to launch a membership drive, which will be open to all citizens of the State of Israel to join. Yamina is going to be the largest ruling party in the State of Israel," the Prime Minister added.

MK Orbach said at the conference, "I believe that more parties will later join our coalition. The Prime Minister broke a glass ceiling. A man wearing a kippah from religious Zionism is the Prime Minister of Israel."

Religious Services Minister Matan Kahana said, "On a personal level - I fulfilled my ambition to be Religious Services Minister. I was asked, 'You, who served in Sayeret Matkal, want to be the Minister of Religious Affairs?' And I tell them - yes."

Kahana responded to the attacks on the government by the haredi politicians and said, "I respect and appreciate our haredi brothers. We are brothers and partners even when we do not agree, but I will not remain silent when politicians of all kinds underestimate our reverence of God."

MK Idit Silman said, "The war that was waged against us crossed a red line and included direct threats against us and our children, but when we believe in our path, we move forward."