Public Security Minister: Flag March will be held tomorrow in our eternal capital

Minister Omer Bar-Lev says democracy requires ability to demonstrate and march, rejects calls to cancel Jerusalem Flag March.

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Flag dance on Jerusalem Day
Flag dance on Jerusalem Day
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Public Security Minister Omer Bar-Lev (Labor) clarified Monday afternoon that the Jerusalem Flag March would take place in Jerusalem tomorrow in accordance with the outline approved by the police.

"The flag march will take place, this is the plan," Bar-Lev said at the beginning of the Labor Party meeting. As for Hamas' threats to launch rockets if the march is held, Bar-Lev mentioned that "Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel. In a democracy it is permissible and important to demonstrate as long as it is according to the law and in our case according to the rules set by the police and that is how we will act."

Meanwhile, members of the Joint Arab List appealed to Minister Bar-Lev to cancel the march. "We warn in advance that the incident could most likely re-ignite the area, leading to violence and dangerous escalation," they wrote.

The organizers of the parade demanded to pass through the Muslim Quarter on their way to the Western Wall as is customary for the annual march.

Under the new plan agreed to by the police, the parade will start at Hanevi'im Street, from which marchers will turn onto Sultan Suleiman Street, until it reaches Damascus Gate. At the Gate, the marchers will dance with Israeli flags, and from there they will continue towards Tzahal Square via Jaffa Gate, and march towards the Western Wall.

For security reasons and to avoid overcrowding, some of the marchers will walk through the Muslim Quarter, while others walk through the Jewish Quarter.

My Israeli chairman, Sarah Hatzni HaCohen, said today: "The Flag March will continue. After a month of riots and violence by Israeli Arabs against their Jewish neighbors, the obvious thing is to raise the flag in our capital city. Any other result is an actual surrender to Hamas, which has marked Jerusalem as its national and military target. We continue to maintain the tradition that has existed all these years, with pride and splendor.

The Flag March takes place every year on Jerusalem Day. This year, Jerusalem Day took place on May 10. The march was cancelled at the last minute after the Hamas terrorist organization issued an ultimatum. Hamas carried out its threat, firing seven rockets at Jerusalem and setting off an 11-day war with Israel.

The march was rescheduled for yesterday, June 7, but was again cancelled at the last minute after the police ordered the route to be changed. During Monday morning’s meeting between police officials and event organizers, the police department refused to back any compromise arrangement, even one which limited the event to western Jerusalem.