Three men indicted on 64 counts for Brooklyn anti-Semitic crimes

Men accused of physically assaulting two Jewish teens before harassing and spitting at members of a synagogue.

Dan Verbin ,

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Three men charged with two anti-Semitic incidents in Brooklyn in May have been indicted on all charges by a grand jury, reported Hamodia.

On Monday, Danial Shaukat, 20, Haider Anjam, 20, and Ashan Azad 19, all from Brooklyn, were charged with a total of 64 charges, including assault, attempted assault, aggravated harassment and menacing. Most of the charges will be tried as hate crimes.

According to prosecutors, on Saturday, May 22, two Jewish teenagers walking down Ocean Parkway were allegedly accosted by two men who exited a blue Toyota Camry and attempted to force them to say “Free Palestine.”

When the teens did not comply, the men punched them in the back of the head, the face and the mouth. The second teen was also choked.

The teens broke free and began running off. One of the assailants took a cricket bat out of the Camry’s trunk. Then the two men, along with the Camry’s driver, began chasing the two teens.

The teens were saved by a Muslim Uber driver.

The three men then allegedly drove to 16th Avenue in Borough Park, Brooklyn where they assaulted Jews at the Agudah synagogue.

They threatened and spat at Jewish men outside the synagogue. They also shouted “Free Palestine,” “Kill you Jews” and “Kill all the Jews.”

When the Jews escaped into the synagogue and locked the door, the perpetrators continued to bang on the door and one of them vandalized the mirror of a parked car. The third man, driving the Camry, continued to yell anti-Semitic statements from inside the car.