First time: Israeli F-35 in international exercise

Israel's newest, most advanced combat aircraft to be used in exercise with US, British, and Italian counterparts for first time.

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Kobi Finkler ,

preparing for the exercise
preparing for the exercise
IDF Spokesperson

For the first time since the F-35 aircraft were received by the Israeli Air Force, these aircraft were deployed in an exercise outside the country, as part of a joint exercise for the air forces of Israel, the United States, Britain and Italy.

A senior Air Force source noted that this is part of an entire process of international cooperation through NATO with various countries. "This allows us to increase the strength of the performance system in the country and abroad," the source said.

The exercise, which began today (Sunday), will last until June 17.

The Israeli forces will practice two sorties each day, the first sortie will be carried out in cooperation with American F-16 aircraft and the second sortie will be part of a joint exercise with the Italian and British air forces, with F-35 aircraft.

The forces will practice a variety of different scenarios, including quality training in an unfamiliar arena, defending the country's skies, air-air and air-ground battle scenarios, dealing with the threat of advanced surface-to-air missile systems, providing assistance to ground forces and combat-intelligence in enemy territory.