Petah Tikva opens command center at scene of rocket attack

Petah Tikva opens command center near buildings damaged by Gaza rocket, providing comprehensive aid to residents.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Rami Greenberg, Petah Tikva's mayor
Rami Greenberg, Petah Tikva's mayor
Yoni Kempinski

The city of Petah Tikva on Thursday morning began to work to repair the large amount of damage caused by rocket fire.

The rocket, fired from Gaza at 1:50a.m. Thursday morning, damaged several residential buildings in the city.

The buildings' residents were evacuated to a nearby school, where they spent the rest of the night. They received mattresses, and blankets, and slept in the empty classrooms.

Both during the night and in the morning, they received help in cleaning their apartments.

Petah Tikva Mayor Rami Greenberg ordered that the command center be set up and manned by representatives from the welfare offices and property tax offices, as well as engineers and administration officials. These officials will provide answers and aid to those people whose homes or vehicles were damaged as a result of the rocket.

Greenberg, who was present at the scene from the beginning of the incident, said: "The rocket which fell in Petah Tikva hit several buildings in the city's center, causing considerable damage. To our relief, no one was killed, but the damage is substantial."

"We have opened a command center at the scene in order to provide comprehensive aid to the residents whose homes were damaged."