Israeli footballer's family targeted in violent robbery in Amsterdam

Attack occurred at time when Eran Zahavi was known to be playing in a match.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Eran Zahavi
Eran Zahavi
Roy Alima/Flash90

Two masked robbers have broken into the home of Israeli footballer Eran Zahavi, attacking his wife in front of the couple’s children and robbing the family while Zahavi himself was due to be playing in a match.

Zahavi is a professional footballer who plays for PSV Eindhoven, and he and his family currently live in Amsterdam, where the robbery took place.

After hearing of the incident, Zahavi abandoned the game just before it was about to start, and returned home. Dutch media at first reported that Zahavi had to leave the game “for personal reasons,” and only later did the truth emerge.

Police in the Netherlands announced that one of the two robbers impersonated a courier and then the two forced their way into the family home. Neither Zahavi’s wife nor his children were hurt, but some reports suggested that his wife was tied up for the duration.

Despite a large police contingent being sent to the scene, as yet no suspects have been apprehended.

This is not the first time that the family of an Israeli footballer has been targeted in a violent attack abroad while the footballer himself was known to be absent from home. Last year, Lior Rafaelov’s family was robbed in Bruges, Belgium, where Rafaelov plays.

Responding to the incident, Ronen Katsav, Zahavi's agent, said: “We will supply further details at a later date – for now, please respect the privacy of the family.”