Bennett to Netanyahu: I do not work for you, I will not make Lapid Prime Minister

Yamina chairman responds to Netanyahu's video in which Netanyahu asked Bennett to commit not to form a government with Yair Lapid.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett

Yamina party chairman and former Defense Minister Naftali Bennett responded on Thursday to a video released by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in which Netanyahu asked to hear a commitment from Bennett not to form a government including a rotation agreement with Yair Lapid.

"Mr. Netanyahu, I am not signing any documents for you because I do not work for you but for our wonderful people who you sent Miri Regev to call them haters of humans. The citizens that Tzachi Hanegbi said that there are no hungry people among them. The citizens whose children have been stuck in front of the screens for an entire year when your failed Education Minister gives himself a grade of 90," Bennett said.

"Citizens of Israel, I promise you - I will not let Bibi, Miri Regev, Evet [Liberman] and Lapid drag us to a fifth election that will tear our people apart. Of course I will not make Lapid Prime Minister - with or without a rotation because I am a right-wing man. And for me, values ​​have meaning."

Earlier on Thursday, Netanyahu turned to Bennett and asked him to "commit to a government without Lapid and without rotation. You are avoiding doing so because you want to be Prime Minister with 8 or 10 seats but that will not happen with me. There will be no rotation in the Prime Minister's Office [under my watch] so you are planning a rotation with Lapid, Gideon Sa’ar, Liberman, Merav Michaeli and Meretz. Our country needs a strong right-wing government under my leadership."