Flights to operate - for the vaccinated and recovered only

Israir announces new discounted flights to and from Eilat - only for those immune to coronavirus.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Israir plane
Israir plane

Israir Airlines on Sunday announced that it would begin a pilot run of flights to Eilat which are open only to those who were vaccinated against coronavirus or recovered from it, Israel Hayom reported.

As part of the preparation for examining a new plan for Ben Gurion International Airport, and in light of the reopening of Eilat's hotels under the "Green Badge" plan, Israir announced that it would operate new flights only for those immune to coronavirus.

Beginning on Tuesday, one flight a day will be added, serving vacationers arriving in Eilat and Eilat residents. The "green" flights will be 18 shekels ($5.50) cheaper than the regular flights, costing 141 shekels ($43) for residents of central Israel and 81 shekel ($24.75) for residents of Eilat.

Passengers on these flights will be required to affirm, at the time of the booking, that they hold either a valid vaccine certificate or a valid coronavirus recovery certificate. They will also be required to present their certificates to staff prior to boarding the plane.

On these flights, the air staff will wear stickers reading, "I also got vaccinated!"

Israir emphasized that the "green" flights, which operate under flight numbers 315 and 316, are new flights which will operate in addition to the existing flights, and that the other flights will be open to everyone. All airplanes will be properly disinfected, the airline added.

The "green" flights can be booked via Israir's website, Israel Hayom noted.