Sa'ar conciliatory message to Bennett: 'You're not our opponent'

New Hope Chairman Gideon Sa'ar to Yamina Chairman Naftali Bennett: 'Clash between us will only serve Netanyahu.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Flash 90

New Hope Party Chairman Gideon Sa'ar on Thursday addressed Yamina Chairman and former Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, requesting an end to the mutual attacks between the parties.

"Naftali, it's important for Israel that we go together and make a change in the country," Sa'ar wrote on Twitter. "The good of the State requires the replacement of [Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu in order to unite the people and form a stable government. New Hope will focus only on that."

"You are not our opponent, and the continued striving between us will only serve Netanyahu. Therefore, it will cease on our part, even if it is unilaterally," Sa'ar announced.

On Wednesday, the Yamina party appealed to the Central Election Committee in a petition against the global Outbrain company, following the promotion of negative content against party chairman Naftali Bennett anonymously on the net. The Election Committee turned to Outbrain on the matter, and those who responded to the petition are lawyers who also represent Gideon Sa'ar's party.

Channel 12 News reported that these are sponsored articles, published as a content recommendation by Outbrain, a company that specializes in digital advertising and allows websites to display sponsored content to surfers. The articles portray Bennett as reckless and as someone who sat in the Netanyahu government, exactly according to Sa'ar's campaign lines.

The articles were marked with the word "sponsored" and their main content was politically negative against Bennett. However, despite the fact that the promotion was done during an election period, the identity of the sponsor or party behind it was not stated, contrary to election law.

Bennett turned to Sa'ar yesterday and wrote on Facebook: "Are you also like that, Gideon? You published a series of defamatory personal articles against me, and you hid in cowardice and deceit behind anonymous accounts. It's not suitable for you, Gideon, because you're preaching new politics and unity."

"That's not how you build unity. If this was unclear, then one thing is certain: For years, poison has been coming out of both Netanyahu's environment and the Left, towards me. You know I'm made of material that is not thrilled by defamatory letters, so it's just disappointing to see Sa'ar claiming to replace Netanyahu using the same methods from a different angle.

"Articles about my wife's desserts and New Hope's mudslinging (what Hope exactly?), will not make me stop. So continue doing anonymous campaigns, and we will continue to work around the clock to bring livelihood and security to the citizens of Israel. That is my mission," Bennett wrote.