Education system partially opens Thursday morning

For time being, only kindergarten children and first- fourth-grade will physically return, other age groups will continue distance learning.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Remote study
Remote study

Students in kindergartens and grades 1-4 in "green" and "yellow cities" and in some "orange cities" will return to schools Thursday.

In the rest of the regions and in the 5th-12th grades, learning will continue remotely.

According to the return plan, classes in preschools and kindergartens will take place throughout the week, and first and second grades will study for only five days for five hours. Grades 3-4 will be taught in groups of up to 20 students for five days a week and for five hours a day.

Students in "red cities" are allowed to hold open-air meetings in a group of up to nine students and a teacher for all ages.

According to the plan, and if morbidity does not increase significantly by February 23, fifth-, sixth- and eleventh-twelfth-grade students will return to school in green and yellow cities and in orange cities with more than 70% vaccinated. It is not clear if the move will be implemented since two days later the students are supposed to go on Purim vacation.

On March 9, middle school and tenth-grade students are scheduled to return to school in green and yellow cities and in orange cities where vaccination rates reach 70%.