'My goal was to get the Labor Party on its feet'

Newly elected Labor chairwoman Merav Michaeli doesn't rule out alliances ahead of the election.

Ben Ariel ,

Merav Michaeli
Merav Michaeli
Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Newly elected Labor Party chairwoman Merav Michaeli spoke on Monday on Radio 103FM about possible alliances with other parties.

"My goal was to get the Labor Party on its feet. I will build the party and hold the contacts to maximize forces. The most significant thing for me is to bring the Labor Party back to being a home to all those who have no representation," she said.

Regarding possible alliances, she said, "In my opinion, we should invest in something that is all about the real party, not about slates of one person, but a real place with a vision that the State of Israel requires and which holds democratic processes. Only then can the center and the left once again have a ruling party.”

The Labor Party fails to pass the electoral threshold in most polls that have been published ahead of the March election.

According to a poll published by Channel 13 News on Sunday, Labor could help The Israelis party, led by Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai, pass the threshold if the two parties run on a joint ticket.

Huldai, who has already called on Michaeli to start talks on a joint run for the Knesset, promised on Sunday to unite the center-left bloc and lead it in the upcoming elections.

In Monday’s interview, Michaeli was specifically asked about Huldai and replied, “Huldai is definitely a member of the Labor Party, and I call on everyone to come back home."