Tragedy in Jerusalem:
Hadassah Ein Kerem: Baby born to coronavirus patient dies

Hospital staff deliver coronavirus patient in attempt to save fetus in distress, but are forced to declare its death.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Baby (illustrative)
Baby (illustrative)
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A woman in her ninth month of pregnancy underwent an emergency c-section in an attempt to save her baby, but the infant died a short time later.

The woman, a confirmed coronavirus patient, arrived at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital due to a lack of fetal movement, Israel Hayom reported. Upon arrival at the hospital, the woman was immediately admitted to the coronavirus ward, where she was met by a midwife.

According to the hospital, the woman had not felt fetal movement in 24 hours, and it took several more hours until she called a hotline. Upon admittance to the hospital, the woman was immediately placed on a fetal monitor, while the hospital called an obstetrician from a different ward to perform an ultrasound, which did not show fetal movement.

Meanwhile, the hospital staff prepared for an emergency Caesarean section in accordance with the coronavirus protocol, and the woman was taken to the operating room, where hospital staff did everything in their power to help alleviate the baby's complex and serious situation.

Following the operation, the baby was resuscitated and sent to the NICU in very critical condition.

The critical condition in which the mother and baby were admitted had effects later on as well, and the mother required certain urgent medical procedures. However, despite attempts to save him, hospital staff were forced to declare the newborn's death on Saturday night.

An investigation showed that the woman waited 40 minutes for a c-section, which according to the hospital occurred because "the staff protected themselves and prepared the woman for an operation, including anesthetizing her."

"We are exploring this tragic situation in depth, and obviously it was reported to the Health Ministry," a Hadassah Ein Kerem spokesperson said. "We emphasize that the hospital is prepared, despite the difficult limitations, to treat coronavirus patients who are giving birth. Our heart goes out to the woman and her husband. The Hadassah staff continues to embrace them and to aid them during this difficult time."

Pregnant women who contract coronavirus are considered to be at higher risk of complications from coronavirus, as well at increased risk of premature birth and Caesarean section.

Last week, it was reported that doctors in central Israel were working to save the life of a mother who contracted coronavirus and is suffering complications due to the virus. Her condition was reported to be very serious and not stable, and doctors are deciding whether to induce early labor.