Iron Dome did not work: 'We will continue to investigate'

IDF releases findings of probe into incidents in which Iron Dome system wasn't activated after rocket fire from Gaza.

Kobi Finkler ,

IAF commander Amikam Norkin and Air Defense commander Ran Kochav
IAF commander Amikam Norkin and Air Defense commander Ran Kochav
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The IDF on Sunday evening released the findings of a probe into recent incidents in which rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip toward Israeli territory, but the "Iron Dome" interception system was not activated.

The findings of the investigation indicate that in each incident, various technical and operational components were found that influenced the fact that the system was not activated, but that this was not the result in a human error or a malfunction in the detection and warning systems.

Air Force Commander Amikam Norkin stated that "in these incidents we did not reach the required final result and did not meet the task expected of us. We will continue to investigate professionally, but we will not compromise on the final result in protecting the citizens of the State of Israel and we will make every effort to continue to protect the country's skies"

The IDF stressed that the air defense fighters acted as required in these incidents. "There is no hermetic defense and such incidents can happen in the future and therefore it is very important to obey and act according to the guidelines of the Home Front Command and the authorities."