Peace Now sets up fake 'murder scene' in Jerusalem

Leftist organization sets up false 'murder scene' in Jerusalem, blasting 'right-wing incitement.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Scene of the 'murder' at Paris Square
Scene of the 'murder' at Paris Square
Peace Now

Thousands of protesters at Jerusalem's Paris Square were met by a false murder scene set up by the leftist "Peace Now" movement.

The scene included a man lying on the ground seemingly covered in blood, holding a sign on which the words, "Incitement kills" were written. Around the "victim" was a line, and over him a photo of activist Emil Grunzweig, a Peace Now activist who was killed in 1983 when a right-wing activist threw a grenade at protesters.

Peace Now has expressed concern over incitement by Israel's right, which caused harm to leftist protesters, warning of a possible political murder.

"This is the time to remember and remind ourselves of Emil Grunzweig, a Peace Now activist who was killed 37 years ago in a Jerusalem protest due to right-wing incitement which continues until today," the movement said in a statement. "The writing is on the wall, we cannot close our eyes and keep silent about the violence which is ignited by the division and incitement by the Prime Minister. We will not allow the inciters to win!"

In fact, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his family have received several death threats from leftist activists.