Complaint sent to police over call to assassinate Netanyahu

Facebook deletes account on which call to assassinate Prime Minister Netanyahu was posted.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

post calling to kill Netanyahu
post calling to kill Netanyahu

Netanyahu family attorney Yossi Cohen sent a letter to Moti Schiff, the chief of the Investigations Division of the Israel Police, following a death threat against Prime Minister Netanyahu.

"Today, a shocking and frightening publication was posted in a group of activists on Facebook calling explicitly for the assassination of the prime minister," Cohen wrote.

Cohen later quoted a response to a post that the prime minister also posted on his Twitter account, in which it was stated, "Bibi should only be taken down by force ... dictators are only removed through a bullet in the head!"

Cohen attached a picture of the post in question to the letter, and later in the letter demanded that in view of the growing threats to the prime minister, "you are asked to take immediate and firm steps to quickly and aggressively investigate the poster and prosecute him."

Facebook banned the account of 'Dana Ron,' which posted the response explicitly calling for Netanyahu's assassination, after images of the post were shared on the social network.

A Facebook spokeswoman said in a response, "A survey conducted by our global teams abroad shows that the account in question is a fictitious account and therefore it was immediately removed from the platform. The comment itself also violates our policy on calling for violence and was therefore removed along with the profile with which it was written."

Sources close to the prime minister said in response to Facebook's removal of the post: "It is no less serious even if this is an anonymous account operated by activists which called for the assassination of the prime minister. The police must locate him, bring him to justice and act resolutely against the dozens of publications of incitement and death threats that are published daily against the prime minister and his family."

"Ephraim Shamir, who called for the assassination of the prime minister, is not anonymous, as are other people who have been questioned by the police about their wild incitement against the prime minister. It is an embarrassment and a disgrace that the media is covering the incitement instead of condemning it sharply and clearly," the added.