IDF attacks Syrian military targets

Air strike is response to earlier fire from Syria towards the Golan Heights.

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Elad Benari, Canada ,


IDF combat helicopters attacked Syrian army targets on Friday evening, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit confirmed.

The air strike was in response to earlier fire from Syria towards the Golan Heights.

According to the statement, several targets were attacked, including observation posts and intelligence gathering facilities located in Syrian outposts.

“The IDF considers the Syrian regime responsible for the shooting, will continue to act resolutely and will respond forcefully to any violation of Israeli sovereignty,” the statement concluded.

Earlier on Friday, explosions were reported near the Israeli-Syrian border. The explosions occurred on the Syrian side of the border in the portion of the Golan Heights under Syrian control, according to the IDF, but damage was caused in Israeli territory.

Shrapnel from Syrian fire damaged a security building on the Israeli side of the border, along with an Israeli civilian vehicle.

According to IDF assessments, it is believed that the Hezbollah terror organization is planning to carry out a major attack near Israel's northern border.

IDF forces are raising the level of readiness in northern Israel and a number of roads in the area have been closed. Forces in the area have been reinforced.

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