Explosions reported near Israel-Syrian border

Israeli civilian car damaged by shrapnel in Golan Heights after explosions heard at Israel-Syrian border.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Israeli security fence in Golan Heights
Israeli security fence in Golan Heights

Explosions were reported near the Israeli-Syrian border Friday afternoon, an IDF spokesperson said.

The explosions occurred on the Syrian side of the border in the portion of the Golan Heights under Syrian control, according to the IDF, but damage was caused in Israeli territory.

Shrapnel from Syrian fire damaged a security building on the Israeli side of the border, along with an Israeli civilian vehicle.

Sources in Syria reported that anti-regime forces fired surface-to-air missiles at Syrian aircraft in southern Syria, after the aircraft responded to a "hostile target" which tried to enter Syrian airspace.

Israel has increased its military presence in the north recently, amid concerns that the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terrorist organization could carry out attacks on Israeli targets in retaliation for the killing of a Hezbollah terrorist in Damascus recently.