Tel Aviv protesters block roads, confront police

Protesters in Tel Aviv marched to Azrieli and blocked the intersection. Confrontations with police reported, traffic blocked.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Tel Aviv Protest
Tel Aviv Protest
Eitan Elhadraz / TPS

Protesters who took part in the protest at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv marched to the Azrieli area and blocked roads. Confrontations with police ensued, leading to the decision to block traffic.

The protest, attended by thousands, was organized by business owners who suffered losses due to coronavirus restrictions. It is the largest protest since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year.

Organizers said politicians should "avoid coming to the Square this evening," since "they've had enough time to make things work. This protest isn't intended for politicians - not from the right or left - it is a protest of the people."

Following the event, demonstrators began blocking city streets, with some going as far as to attack local police.

Clashes broke out when the thousands started marching towards Namir Road, a major Tel Aviv thoroughfare, in an attempt to block off the road.

The crowds reached the Azrieli Junction and succeeded in blocking traffic. A police chief told protesters that they had five minutes to clear the intersection or "reasonable force would be used against [them]."

According to protest organizers, "The demonstration came to express the distress and helplessness of a very large segment of Israeli society." During the demonstration, activists scattered banknotes featuring Prime Minister Netanyahu, calling on him to resign.