Thousands protest in Tel Aviv

Protestors demand compensation for losses due to Covid-19 restrictions. 'We're not afraid of coronavirus, we're afraid gov't will kill us.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Thousands protest in Tel Aviv
Thousands protest in Tel Aviv
Eitan Elhadaz, TPS

Thousands of people protested Saturday night at Tel Aviv's Rabin Square.

The protest was organized by business owners who suffered losses due to the coronavirus restrictions.

"We call on the politicians to avoid coming to the Square this evening," the organizers said. "They had enough time to work for us. The protest beginning this evening is not that of polticians - not from the right and not from the left - it is a protest of the people."

Actor Guy Loel, who began selling vegetables after the theaters were closed due to coronavirus, said, "Until the money is in my account, I won't believe anyone. We're not afraid of coronavirus, we're afraid that [Prime Minister] Netanyahu and our disconnected government will kill us. People are dying of hunger, wake up already!"

Israel Police said: "We are aware of the protesters' desire to make their cries and pain heard, and therefore, out of a desire to allow the right of protest, Israel Police are calling on those attending the protest to strictly adhere to the conditions, as they were agreed on, with an emphasis on maintaining a distance and wearing masks. Remember that these are guidelines for the public's health, and they are of life-and-death importance.".