Bolton: Trump should not be president

Trump's former National Security Advisor excoriates him as 'unfit for office', incompetent and possibly a criminal.

David Rosenberg ,

John Bolton and Donald Trump
John Bolton and Donald Trump

President Donald Trump’s former National Security Advisor John Bolton lambasted his one-time boss, calling him ‘unfit’ for the presidency.

In an ABC News interview which was previewed Thursday, Bolton called President Trump incompetent, and accused him of placing his re-election ahead of national interests.

“I don’t think he’s fit for office. I don’t think he has the competence to carry out the job,” Bolton said in the interview, which airs in full this coming Sunday.

“There really isn’t any guiding principle that I was able to discern other than, ‘What’s good for Donald Trump’s reelection?’”

“I think he was so focused on the reelection that longer term considerations fell by the wayside,” he said. “So if he thought he could get a photo opportunity with Kim Jong Un at the Demilitarized Zone in Korea, there was considerable emphasis on the photo opportunity and the press reaction to it and little or no focus on what such meetings did for the bargaining positions of the United States.”

Bolton also mocked Trump’s handling of the US-Russia relationship saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin “thinks he can play him like a fiddle. I think Putin is smart, tough, he plays a bad hand extremely well. I think he sees that he’s not faced with a serious adversary here and he works on him and he works on him and he works on him.”

Bolton, who served for 17 months as Trump’s National Security Advisor before he was fired last September, penned a 592-page book after his firing, though the Justice Department has sued to bar the book’s publication, claiming it contains classified information, and that Bolton violated a non-disclosure agreement by writing the book.

The book is currently slated to be released on June 23rd.

In the book, Bolton takes frequent jabs at the president, calling him “erratic” and “foolish” and claimed he behaved “irrationally” and “bizarrely”. “You can’t leave him alone for a minute.”

In sections of the book released Wednesday and published by CNN, Bolton further claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu felt serious concerns regarding Trump’s selection of his son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner to head up a team charged with drafting the administration’s Middle East peace plan.

On Thursday, however, Netanyahu responded by rejecting the claim, and expressing his “complete faith” in Kushner’s abilities.