After slowing 'second wave' of coronavirus spikes again, with 299 new infections in a day

Daily infection rate jumps to highest level since April, following earlier slow down of second wave of coronavirus pandemic.

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Coronavirus test
Coronavirus test

Nearly three hundred new cases of the novel coronavirus were reported in Israel from Tuesday morning to Wednesday morning, Israeli health officials said Wednesday.

According to data released by Israel’s Health Ministry, Israel’s daily infection rate jumped to its highest level since April, with 299 new infections confirmed during a 24-hour period from Tuesday to Wednesday.

A day earlier, Israel reported 258 new cases of the coronavirus.

This two-day surge in new reported cases comes following a marked decline in the daily infection rate, which had previously risen to as high as 257 early in June, before falling back down to 83 on Sunday.

This latest spike marks the highest daily infection rate since April 23rd, when 305 cases were reported over a 24-hour period. The highest-recorded daily infection rate was 765 cases in a single day, reported on April 2nd.

The total number of all coronavirus infections reported in Israel since the pandemic broke out rose to 19,637, pushing the total number of active cases back up to nearly 4,000. A total of 15,459 people have recovered from the coronavirus

Three-hundred-and-three people have died in Israel from the coronavirus, with one fatality reported overnight.

Despite the significant rise in the daily infection rate, however, the number of patients in serious condition and patients on respirators both remain low.

As of Wednesday morning, 37 people were listed in serious condition, with 27 on ventilators. A further 40 patients are in moderate condition, with 3,745 in light condition.