Coronavirus 'Second Wave' slowing, with just 83 new infections

Number of new infections falls dramatically, after rise last week prompted fears of a 'second wave' of the coronavirus.

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Coronavirus test swab
Coronavirus test swab

The daily infection rate of the novel coronavirus fell on Sunday to its lowest level since May, following a spike in the number of new cases last week.

Just 83 new cases of the coronavirus were reported over the past 24 hours, Israel’s Health Ministry said Sunday, the lowest number for a 24-hour period since May 31st, when 59 new cases were reported.

Sunday’s statistics mark a major decline in the infection rate, which last week had risen to over 200 new infections per day, sparking fears Israel may be headed for a second wave of the coronavirus.

Between Thursday and Friday, 214 new cases were reported, with more than 800 new coronavirus infections reported across Israel during last week.

As of Sunday evening, a total of 19,055 infections have been reported in Israel, including 3,380 cases which are currently active. Three hundred people have died from the virus, while 15,375 have recovered.

The number of serious cases has remained fairly stable, with thirty-three patients currently in serious condition, compared to 34 last Friday and 30 a week before that. In mid-April, nearly two-hundred patients were listed in serious condition.

Of the 33 patients in serious condition, 24 are on ventilators.

The largest number of new infections over the past three days were reported in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, where a major outbreak has been reported among the illegal immigrant population in the city’s southern neighborhoods. Seventy-seven new infections have been reported in the city over the past three days.

The second largest number of new infections over the past three days was recorded in the Arab-Israeli town of Rahat in southern Israel with 40, followed by Bnei Brak with 38, and Jerusalem with 30.