Netanyahu: Coronavirus is not behind us

PM opens cabinet meeting by addressing concerns over another coronavirus wave. "We are interested in increasing the number of tests."

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened the weekly government meeting this morning (Sunday) at the Foreign Ministry auditorium by addressing concerns about the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic.

Netanyahu noted at the outset that "the coronavirus is not behind us," and said that in the coming days, an effort will be made to ascertain what the infection rate is and whether there really is a significant renewed outbreak.

"We are interested in increasing the number of tests. There is an increase relative to what we were used to. If we need to, we’ll change the policy accordingly," Netanyahu noted.

He addressed the ministers, saying, "We ask the government ministers and Knesset members to set a personal example and to keep the rules, wearing masks, keeping distance and of course, strict hygiene."

Netanyahu added that the situation will be dealt with, inter alia, by "strict enforcement including a system of inspectors that has not yet been activated and an increase in the number of tests, including proactive tests."

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said "We are seeing an upward trend not only in Jerusalem and regardless of the Gymnasium." In addition, he stated "The Ministry of Health is prepared to conduct up to 15 thousand tests."