Lori Palatnik, founder of 'Momentum' program for mothers, lights Diaspora torch

Palatnik lights torch 'in honor of powerful encounter between Israeli mothers and their sisters in exile.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Lori Palatnik
Lori Palatnik
From the broadcast

Momentum Founding Director Lori Palatnik (formerly The Jewish Women's Renaissance Project, was selected to light a torch at the Memorial Day and Independence Day opening ceremonies.

"I, Lori Palatnik, daughter of Faiga bat Reizel, may she be well, and Yoel ben Chaim Shmuel haLevy may he rest in peace, do raise this torch," she began.

"In honor of Jewish woman all over the world, that in these times are keeping their families together and strong.

"In honor of the profound meeting between Israeli mothers and their sisters in the Diaspora. Unity and not uniformity.

"In honor of Jewish communities across the globe who form the fabric of Jewish life in the Diaspora.

"In honor of our future, our children, including our son Ze'ev and all the other lone soldiers.

"In the merit of the righteous women we were redeemed from Egypt. With G-d's help, we will emerge from this time to rebuild even stronger. Be strong, women, be strong, and for the glory of the State of Israel."

The State ceremony marking the switch from Memorial Day to Independence Day began on Mount Herzl Tuesday evening.

The torch-lighting ceremony was held this year, marked "Connections in Israeli Society". Due to the coronavirus epidemic no audience was invited and the event was pre-recorded with the participation of top Israeli artists.

Thirteen people from all parts of Israeli society will ascend the main stage and light 12 torches alongside IDF soldiers.