'Momentum' founder Lori Palatnik to light Memorial Day torch

'Momentum' founder Lori Palatnik has been selected to light the Diaspora Torch at the Independence Day and Memorial Day ceremonies.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Lori Palatnik
Lori Palatnik
Culture Ministry

Minister of Culture and Sport Miri Regev (Likud) announced that Lori Palatnik, Founding Director of 'Momentum" (formerly The Jewish Women's Renaissance Project - JWRP), has been selected to light the torch at the Memorial Day and Independence Day opening ceremonies.

Regev, Chairwoman of the Ministerial Committee on Symbolic and Ceremonial Affairs, announced to 'Momentum" Founder Lori Palatnik that she was selected as the torch carrier for the opening ceremonies marking Memorial Day and Israel's 72nd Independence Day.

"I am pleased to announce my [selection] of Lori Palatnik as the lighter of the Diaspora Torch for Israel's 72nd Independence Day ceremony. Lori is an educator, a Zionist in heart and soul, and founder of the 'Momentum' organization who works tirelessly to strengthen Jewish identity and connection to Israel through harnessing young mothers in the community," Regev said.

"The organization's flagship program is an eight-day trip to Israel, followed by continuing programs in various Diaspora communities. The program has included over 20,000 Jewish mothers from the Diaspora, who have toured Israel, met their Israeli counterparts from all parts of the country, and made enduring connections with them.

"Lori Palatnik is in charge of a unique and exciting Zionist-styled version of the 'Desert Queen,' whose momentum never runs out," said Regev.

"Lori has been blessed with an endless ability to give of herself, and a firm connection to all aspects of the Jewish people which have been translated into a mighty force headed by a wonderful person who connects women from the Diaspora to the State of Israel."

"Lori, who makes her home in Jerusalem and Washington, symbolizes the eternal and triumphant relationship and mutual assurance between us and our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora."