Jewish teens slash tires of Border Police vehicle near Yitzhar

Jewish teens are attempting to re-settle an illegal outpost. Police: ''Uncompromising enforcement will be carried out."

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Ido Ben Porat ,

Slashed tires
Slashed tires
Photo: police spokesperson

Civil Administration officers, IDF forces, and Border Police demolished an illegal building at the Kumi Uri outpost near Yitzhar. The building in question had already been demolished and rebuilt.

Clashes broke out when Border Police prevented members of the Zarug family from returning to their home in the outpost.

Dozens of Jewish teens also attempted to restore the building on Tuesday evening and slashed the tires of a Border Police vehicle.

Police said they are determined to enforce the military order defining the outpost as a closed military zone.

They warned that, "We will carry out determined and uncompromising enforcement against anyone trying to harm soldiers."

Attorney Nati Rom, who provides legal assistance to families from the Honenu organization, said: "My client returned to his home. He has been a permanent resident of the area for a number of years and the law states that closed military zones will not be applied to residents residing in the area."

"Police and Border Police are breaking the law [by] refusing to allow my client to enter his neighborhood, claiming that his house has been demolished and he is no longer a resident," added Rom. "The harm to my client, the selective enforcement and the harm to his freedom and family, in a selective way, as [other] families are allowed [into] the neighborhood is a continuation of the price tag policy by the police. How can the Israeli police, who should set an example [for the rest of society], repeatedly violate the law? Such incidents should not be approached in this way and certainly not construction offenses," he said.