Again: Riots in Jaffa, Arabs attack fire crews and police

Two firefighters lightly injured from stones thrown by Arabs. Police forces able to disperse the riots.

Ben Ariel ,

Firefighting vehicle damaged by rocks
Firefighting vehicle damaged by rocks
Israel Fire and Rescue Services

Dozens of Arabs rioted on Thursday evening in the streets of Jaffa, setting fire to trash bins and throwing rocks at police and fire crews.

The protesters are outraged at the police for seeking to disperse crowds and enforce the public health order as part of the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

Two firefighters suffered minor injuries from rocks and required medical attention. Police forces were able to disperse the riots.

The firefighting crews had arrived in Jaffa to extinguish the trash bins that had been set on fire by protesters. A firefighting vehicle sustained damage.

Riots were also recorded in Jaffa on Wednesday during a protest against the arrest of an Arab who violated the Ministry of Health's guidelines and did not stay in isolation.