Rioting in Jaffa: 4 Arabs arrested

Rioting breaks out over detention of man suspected of violating coronavirus quarantine order.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Police in Jaffa, this evening
Police in Jaffa, this evening
Kobi Richter/TPS

Four people were arrested during clashes between Arab rioters and police in the city of Jaffa Wednesday.

The protests were held following the detention of a man who was suspected of violating an isolation order from the Health Ministry.

Rioters burned garbage cans and tires.

Police said that "a large number of protesters were burning tires, sending objects everywhere and hitting police officers who arrived at the scene due to the multitude of participants and order violations at the scene."

135 investigations have been opened against people suspected of violating quarantine orders since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. 42 other investigations were opened following the suspected dissemination of false messages related to the coronavirus.

Also, 5,873 reports were filed and closure orders were issued to 73 businesses that violated Health Ministry instructions.