Netanyahu: Naama's release will take time

Source close to Prime Minister say he is committed to bringing Naama Issachar back to Israel, but this requires patience.

Nitsan Keidar ,

Naama Issachar
Naama Issachar
Courtesy of the family

Sources close to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday evening that the release of Naama Issachar from prison in Russia will take time and is not expected soon.

"In his remarks yesterday, Prime Minister Netanyahu intended to say that he was obligated to bring Naama Issachar home. It will take some time. There are talks on the issue and the Prime Minister is not letting it go and is obligated to do so," the officials said.

On Thursday, the Moscow Court of Appeals will resume the deliberations into Issachar's appeal for her conviction for an offense related to drug possession and for the lengthy sentence handed down to her.

The hearing on the appeal began last Thursday, and Issachar participated in it through a video conference from the prison where she is being held.

At the opening of the hearing after the court turned to her, Issachar asked to attend the hearing in person, and despite the opposition from the prosecution, her request was accepted.

Following the request, the hearing was postponed and is expected to resume on Thursday with her present at the Moscow Court of Appeals.