Netanyahu 'promises' to bring back Naama Issachar

Prime Minister tells Haifa supporters about special relationship with Russian President Putin, promises to bring back Naama Issachar.

Mordechai Sones ,

Bring home Naama campaign
Bring home Naama campaign
Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held a support conference in Haifa tonight as part of the primary election campaign to lead the Likud movement.

Netanyahu spoke about his special relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying, "I'm not a magician, but I promise you one thing - I'll bring Naama Issachar home."

In two days Issachar's hearing in Moscow's appeals court will resume on her conviction for drug possession and her long sentence.

The hearing on the appeal began last Thursday, and Issachar participated through "video conference" from the prison where she is being held.

At the opening of the hearing after the court recognized her, Issachar asked to attend the hearing in person, and despite the opposition, the request was granted.

In light of the request's approval, continuation of the appeal was postponed and is expected to resume in the Moscow Appeal Court the day after tomorrow.