'Case 4000 - false blood libel'

In scathing post on Netanyahu's FB page, alleged that publication of investigative transcripts by state witness proves Case 4000 lacks basis

Mordechai Sones ,


Persons close to Prime Minister Netanyahu this evening attacked police and the prosecutor's office over the publication of investigative transcripts in Case 4000 of state witness Shlomo Filber, reported News 12.

In a post published on the Prime Minister's Facebook page, entitled "Case 4000 - A False Blood Libel," it says precisely the disclosure of the transcripts makes it clear that there is no real case.

"It is now clear to everyone why the police and the prosecution refused at all costs to allow Prime Minister Netanyahu to confront state witness Momo Filber. His lies would not last a minute in such a confrontation," the post said.

"Tonight propaganda Channel 12 and prosecutor Spokesman Guy Peleg revealed, without noticing, that Case 4000 is a blood libel that is not based on data or documents but only on the lies of state witness Momo Filber, who seeks to extract himself from criminal responsibility for acts he did having nothing to do with the Prime Minister, plots lies about Netanyahu so the investigators will get off him," the authors claimed.

According to them, "not only were all Bezeq-Yes decisions approved by dozens of regulators and professionals, none of whom was subordinate to Filber or Netanyahu, but it was Netanyahu's Communications Minister who led the wholesale market reform that cost Ilowitz and Bezeq billions of shekels, crashed Bezeq's stock, saving billions for all Israeli citizens."