'I arrived to treat the injured, and saw they were my relatives'

Magen David Adom paramedic Shlomo Perl tells the story of Friday morning's attack, which left 2 injured and 1 dead.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Scene of the attack at the Danny Spring
Scene of the attack at the Danny Spring
Magen David Adom spokesperson

At 10:15 Friday morning, a call was received at Magen David Adom's (MDA) 101 emergency hotline.

The caller, a man, reported that he and his two children had been injured in an explosion by the Danny spring, near the settlement of Dolev in Binyamin. Large teams of Magen David Adom personnel arrived quickly, spotted the three injured people lying at the scene, performed medical examinations, and gave them life-saving medical care

A girl about 17 years old suffered a multi-system injury. She had no pulse or breath, and after medical examinations, MDA paramedics had to declare her dead. A young man, 21 years old, who suffered from shock wave and shrapnel injuries, was in serious condition, and a man about 46 years old was in moderate condition. MDA teams, assisted by the IDF, provided them with medical treatment, which included stopping bleeding and administering medication, and evacuated them in MICUs to an IDF helicopter that landed near the scene and evacuated them to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital.

"I arrived provided to treatment to the injured, and I was amazed to find they were my relatives," said MDA paramedic Shlomo Perl, who arrived first. "The road was hilly and made it difficult for the ambulance to pass. We parked nearby, and ran with medical equipment to the scene. We noticed three injured people lying at scene, a man about 46 years old and a young man about 21 years old, fully conscious, and next to them lay a girl about 17 years old, unconscious. They suffered, all of them, from a multi-system trauma, with shrapnel injuries."

"As I approached, I was amazed to find they were my my relatives. The young man is also undergoing a MDA medic’s course. I knew I needed to ignore my emotion, and concentrate on medical care, to save their lives. Along with large MDA teams, IDF medical forces, and people who arrived to help, we gave them life-saving medical care, and after stabilizing the condition of the 46-year-old and 21-year-old, we transferred them to our MICUs to an IDF helicopter, which landed near the scene. "

MDA paramedic Itay Peretz and MDA EMT Isaac Pink said: "The sight was difficult. A girl about 17 years old was unconscious, without a pulse and not breathing. She suffered a severe systemic injury due to shrapnel and the blast. We performed medical examinations, but she was without signs of life, and unfortunately, in a short time we had to declare her death. A young man, 21 years old, had suffered multiple systemic trauma because of the shock wave and shrapnel, was fully conscious and communicated with us. We continued to provide medical care while evacuating them to the nearby IDF helicopter, in a serious and unstable condition."

MDA Paramedic Ze'evi Hefetz, added: "I was in my house in the nearby community of Dolev, when suddenly I heard a loud noise of an explosion and realized that something had happened. Immediately afterwards, I was alerted that there had been an attack. I went used an MDA ambulance that was on alert in the community, and drove quickly to the scene. The scene of the attack was difficult. We provided medical treatment to the injured, including a 46-year-old man who was fully conscious, and suffered from shrapnel and the top of his torso."

"He told us that while walking, there was a sudden explosion. After we stabilized his condition, and gave him medical treatment, which included bleeding and respiratory assistance, we evacuated him in an ambulance and to an IDF helicopter, which landed nearby. "