Shaked: Netanyahu's attacks a sign he wants a leftist gov't

Yamina chairwoman unfazed by Netanyahu’s personal attacks, urges PM to work on growing the right-wing bloc instead of attacking its members.

Ben Ariel, Canada,

Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet Shaked
Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

Yamina chairwoman Ayelet Shaked told Channel 12 News on Friday that she was unfazed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s continued personal attacks on her, adding that she would recommend Netanyahu for Prime Minister after the September election no matter what.

"If the attack on me continues, it means that Netanyahu decided to go to a government with the left and not with the right," she said. "I went into politics to promote policy and so the personal issues are of no interest to me."

The Prime Minister's behavior is wrong, noted Shaked, calling on Netanyahu to work on growing the right bloc and calling on the right-wing public not to vote for parties that will not pass the electoral threshold.

On Friday’s car ramming attack in Gush Etzion, Shaked said that it is time to deal the terrorist organizations a blow.

“When Hamas is treated gently, it understands things differently. Terror needs to be dealt with firmly."

Residents of Gush Etzion feel unsafe, said Shaked, adding, “We have a loving president in the White House and it is time to apply Israeli law in Gush Etzion."

She also discussed Israel’s decision to ban Democratic Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar from entering the country, and particularly to Tlaib’s refusal to accept Israel’s offer to visit her grandmother, citing Israel’s “oppressive conditions”.

"This farce proves that her hatred of Israel is greater than her love for her grandmother. The government should not open its doors to those who hate Israel,” said Shaked.

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