Netanyahu under pressure attacks Shaked

Prime Minister Netanyahu taunts former Justice Minister and Yamina Chairwoman Ayelet Shaked, calling her 'the new Tzipi Livni'.

Mordechai Sones ,

Shaked, Netanyahu
Shaked, Netanyahu
Flash 90

In the Likud the rhetoric has been exacerbated in the battle for votes against the Yamina list, and they have no qualms about blatant personal attacks on its leaders.

Prime Minister Netanyahu recently attacked party Chairwoman former Minister Ayelet Shaked, calling her "the new Tzipi Livni".

On News 12 this evening a recording was revealed in which senior Likud member Gideon Sa'ar is heard recommending to Prime Minister Netanyahu how to attack senior Yamina members Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked.

In the recording, Sa'ar says to Netanyahu, "Those who vote for Zehut and Otzma Yehudit are irresponsible, because they won't pass the threshold. Those who vote for Bennett and Shaked vote for irresponsible candidates because they didn't take Otzma and Zehut."

Last night, Prime Minister Netanyahu considered firing Secretary Betzalel Smotrich after criticizing his policy, but finally accepted an apology.