Barak: This is a despicable blood libel

Israel Democratic chairman says publication about him in Daily Mail is a lie.

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Ehud Barak
Ehud Barak
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Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak responded on Wednesday to the photographs of him entering the home of disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, which were published by the British newspaper Daily Mail on Tuesday.

"Like you, I read the things attributed to me and it is important for me to clarify here and now, unequivocally, that they are lies," Barak said at a conference of his party, Israel Democratic, in Tel Aviv.

He claimed that the saga was a plot against him concocted by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, saying, "Over the past 24 hours, a despicable act, a false and baseless blood libel, has been taking place in Israel. But a blood libel that is not surprising. We have been living in a poisoned atmosphere for over 25 years, in which anyone who interferes with Netanyahu and his extremists being in power, becomes a target for incitement, lies, becomes a ‘traitor’ and even worse."

"From David Levy, whose only crime was his desire to head the Likud, and Netanyahu's personal betrayal turned him into a ‘senior Likudnik surrounded by criminals’. Through the commanders of Yitzhak Rabin, the chief of staff of the Six Day War, a defense minister and a prime minister – who turned through incitement, which Netanyahu orchestrated and oversaw, into ‘Rabin is a traitor’ and ‘We will expel Rabin with blood and fire.’ Until the three shots in the back came. Shots that are the product of lies and incitement," Barak charged.

"This was also the case with Meir Dagan, and recently Benny Gantz, who was the target of a despicable campaign of lies - only because he wanted to lead to normalcy in Israel and to ensure that Netanyahu does not hide in the government, but will stand trial like any other citizen. And now it’s my turn. It must be stopped and it will stop. The current campaign of incitement and lies only reinforces my resolve to take this evil and thievery out of control of our beloved country," he continued.

Barak declared that "no one will turn me into a criminal or a traitor, simply because I blatantly expose the apparatus of incitement and destruction of democracy by the suspect who lives in the house that was once Yitzhak Rabin's residence. Violence against women is a crime against humanity, the most common and basic crime, and it must be eliminated. I am a feminist. In my view, violence, discrimination, silencing, and the exclusion of women is a crime that destroys the foundations of equality and freedom. The actions now attributed to Epstein are abominable, shocking and repugnant to every civilized person. And if convicted, he should be in prison for years. These are actions that are contrary to everything I stand for, and I have never had a part in them."

He continued to attack Netanyahu, saying, "The fact that under Netanyahu, a villain and a thief like his son enjoys public protection, a parasitic life and the personal security of the Shin Bet is a disgrace. The fact that under Netanyahu serves a senior minister who is accused of serial coverage of pedophiles is a disgrace. The real story of the elections before us is that the incitement system of the Netanyahu regime threatens to destroy democracy."

"It deliberately puts in power messianic Kahanists, racists who want, as Netanyahu's education minister has made clear - a halakhic messianic state - where women are unacceptable to be leaders, LGBTs will be oppressed, Arab citizens will be discriminated against, and Palestinians will be victims of state apartheid in Judea and Samaria," charged Barak.