Why did Ehud Barak cover his face?

British newspaper publishes photos of former PM at entrance to the home of disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

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Ehud Barak
Ehud Barak
Tzuria Ze'evi/TPS

The British newspaper Daily Mail on Tuesday published photos of former Prime Minister and chairman of the Israel Democratic Party, Ehud Barak, entering the home of disgraced American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein with his face covered.

The photographs were taken in January 2016 after Epstein returned to New York following an overseas trip. Within hours at least four young women had gone into the home, according to the Daily Mail.

The Israel Democratic party said in response, “The head of the Israel Democratic Party, Ehud Barak, does not intend to continue to deal with spins whose entire purpose is to divert attention from the alleged criminal behavior of a serving Prime Minister who received $4.2 million and additional sums from an American businessman, who is his cousin, as well as from convicted criminals in Europe."

"Barak dismisses the abominable hints in the article. There is no truth to the information in the article. It is a complete lie, except for the fact that Barak admits that it is cold in New York in the month of January. The Daily Mail has already published a number of false articles of this kind, both about Barak as well as about other people. Other journalists who dealt with these publications found no evidence of these lies. Barak will act immediately with his lawyers to file a libel suit against the Daily Mail."

"Ehud Barak's entire work these days is to consolidate the democratic camp into one united force that will work to bring Israel back on track and to keep it a Jewish, Zionist and democratic state," the party said.

Barak responded to the report on Twitter and wrote, “I disgustingly reject the abhorrent insinuations of the paper. I was at his home, but I never took part in any party/meeting of the kind implied. I suggest to the people of the Daily Mail, and all those who worked with them, that they prepare their credit card. The libel suit is on the way.”