Israelis may soon no longer need visa to enter US

PM says he has discussed dropping visa requirement with Trump 'and we are moving forward, hoping that here too there will be good news.'

Ido Ben Porat ,

US visa
US visa

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that he had spoken more than once to President Donald Trump about the possibility that Israelis would be allowed to enter the United States without a visa.

In a live chat on Facebook, Netanyahu was asked about the subject and explained: "The American demands are such that they infringe on a security envelope of information that we guard for obvious reasons.”

"We are trying to remove this limitation that can leave our information systems exposed, not to the US government, Heaven forbid - we are not afraid of that - but exposed to other actors, and that is what is holding things up."

Netanyahu added: "I talked about it more than once with President Trump and we are moving forward, hoping that here too there will be good news."

The Prime Minister also referred to President Trump's statement that additional sanctions would be imposed on Iran. "I heard from my friend President Trump a very firm statement about further sanctions against Iran. It is important. I really appreciate it.

"I talk to the president from time to time and I realize that he understands the Iranian threat well and acts against it, as we do," Netanyahu said.