IDF attacks 100 Hamas targets in Gaza

IAF aircraft attack about 100 terrorist targets belonging to Hamas in retaliation for rocket fire on central Israel.

Kobi Finkler ,

Hamas targets attacked by IDF
Hamas targets attacked by IDF
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said that, overnight Thursday, IDF fighter jets, attack helicopters and other aircraft struck approximately 100 military targets belonging to the Hamas terror organization in the Gaza Strip.

Among the terror targets struck was an office complex of the Judea and Samaria headquarters in the neighborhood of Rimal in the central Gaza Strip. The HQ is responsible for guiding Hamas terror activities in Judea and Samaria by leading terror attacks, building terror infrastructure, transferring guidelines for terror activities, transferring money and providing logistical response for the purpose of terror attacks against Israel and Israeli civilians.

In addition, the main manufacturing site of standard-grade rockets in the Gaza Strip was struck. This was an underground site with the ability to manufacture rockets in the Gaza Strip.

In addition, a number of military sites were struck, among them a post of the Hamas naval force, which also serves as a weapons manufacturing site.

Overnight, a military training site that served as the Hamas center of unmanned aerial aircrafts array in the southern Gaza Strip was struck. In addition, posts and a number of underground facilities were struck.

The attack was carried out in response to the rocket launchings carried out against Israel on Thursday.

"The IDF holds the Hamas terror organization responsible for all events transpiring in the Gaza Strip and emanating from it. The IDF views any attempt to harm Israeli civilians with great severity, and will continue to operate with determination against these acts of terror," said the IDF Spokesperson's Unit.