Arrested boy's mother to Shaked: 'Shin Bet runs the country?'

Mother of youth detained by Shin Bet holds protest vigil at Justice Minister's house, requesting minister work to allow boys to see lawyers.

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Mother's appeal to Minister Shaked
Mother's appeal to Minister Shaked

The mother of one of the minors arrested by the Shin Bet security service without seeing an attorney arrived Wednesday evening for a protest vigil outside the home of Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked.

She turned to Minister Shaked and said, "I tried to speak to your heart, as I'm sure my words entered your heart; I'm sure you can work for our children. Minister Shaked, I don't know how to describe our feeling as parents. Minister Shaked, I very much want my child released, but I'm not asking you for that. I'm very realistic."

She asked the Justice Minister to allow the boys meet with an attorney on their behalf: "I'm asking that my son see a lawyer. It's very hard for me to understand why in Israel it's impossible for a minor to see a lawyer."

The mother continued to ask and plead "Is the Shin Bet running the country? How can we be left with such uncertainty? "

The mother says she intends to arrive every night to protest until Minister Shaked meets the demands of the families of the youths and immediately acts to end the abuse, and that she also ensures they will not be harmed like in horrors committed in similar incidents.

The three youths were arrested by the Shin Bet last Sunday and have been forbidden to see a lawyer.