'The Shin Bet continues to cross every line'

Pregnant sister of minor arrested over alleged 'Jewish terror' summoned for interrogation. Attorney: Move meant to pressure suspect.

Orli Harari ,


The pregnant sister of one of the minors arrested under a gag order was summoned for questioning this morning by the police.

Police officers who summoned the nurse refused to tell her why she had been summoned and whether she would be questioned under caution, but the prevailing assessment is that it was an interrogation exercise to put pressure on her brother.

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, who represents the minor, said this morning, "The Shin Bet continues to cross every line in this investigation, and we have no doubt that the purpose of summoning a pregnant woman is to put pressure on the suspect. I already appealed this morning to the Attorney General and the State Attorney to stop this conduct. It is clear to me that the Shin Bet's conduct is intended to show the brother that the sister was summoned for interrogation because of him, which could put more pressure on him, especially when the minors are not allowed to meet with an attorney. The significance of interrogation exercises like this is serious.”

“Unfortunately, the feeling is that the investigating unit does not really want to conduct a fair investigation and seek to discover the truth, but apparently they were instructed to find guilty persons at any price. "

Ben-Gvir also attacked the deliberate leaks by the Shin Bet security service and the Judea and Samaria District police to the press from last night. "Unfortunately, in the next few days there will be more and more dirt on hilltop youth when the goal is clear; Those leaking elements who operate illegally and are subject to a civil suit, have the goal of diverting the public discourse from the question of abuse, and they believe that throwing mud at the young people will help them in the public sphere. It was precisely the important decision we received two days ago during which all the confessions of a minor in such an investigation were invalidated, which should lead to soul-searching among the interrogators, and an examination of their conduct anew. "