Former IDF deputy chief: Bennett is weakening the army and state

Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, currently on retirement vacation, slams Bennett's words on IDF legalization. 'The legal issue never hindered the IDF.'

Ido Ben Porat ,

Yair Golan
Yair Golan
Geffen Reznik, Flash 90

Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, former deputy chief of staff, was interviewed Thursday morning on the "Cabinet" program on Radio 103FM, during which he referred to the IDF's restraint in the last round of fighting and Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett’s statements against the Military Advocate General..

"The legal issue has never limited the IDF's ability to act. [Military Advocate General] Sharon Afek is a man with an extraordinary operational sense and a brilliant jurist. The Military Advocate General's Office is a strong body that does not prevent commanders from acting in the field," Golan said.

Golan, who is currently on retirement vacation, spoke against the chairman of the Jewish Home and Education Minister. "Minister Naftali Bennett is weakening the army and the State of Israel. It's a pity he expressed himself as he did, maybe it's good for his electorate ... It's very sad. "

On dealing with Hamas terrorism in Gaza, the former deputy chief of staff said that "Israel exerted massive force, but not decisive enough, one of the less successful operations was Protective Edge. Whether to embark on a broad-scale military operation is a political question of the highest order, and the decision to maintain restraint and patience is correct.”