'As goes Israel, so goes America'

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant addresses Jerusalem Leaders Summit, lauds close ties between Mississippi and Israel.

Hezki Baruch ,

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant.
Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant.
Hezki Baruch

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant addressed the third annual Jerusalem Leader's Summit on Sunday. Gov. Bryant led a trade delegation from Mississippi consisting of 20 business leaders.

"We understand that so goes Israel, so goes America," Bryant told the summit. "We have a very strong defense industry in the State of Mississippi. We like defending America."

He said that the defense industry of Mississippi has a close relationship with the Israeli defense industry.

Bryant praised US President Donald Trump as a friend of Israel. "He is all about our relationship with Israel. Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, is a very dear friend of mine, as is Ivanka. I talked to him not long ago when the tragedy occurred in Pittsburgh, the tragic attack there on a synagogue."

"He said, 'Phil, I wish people would realize,' and I think some of them do, that his grandchildren are Jewish. His son-in-law is Jewish. His daughter is Jewish ... He understands how important this relationship is.

Bryant said that when he told Trump he would be visiting Israel, "you could just see the sparkle in is eyes. He smiled broadly and said, 'please tell them we're thinking about them ... tell them we are with them."

The Jerusalem Leaders Summit is a public policy conference founded by Joel Anand Samy and Natasha Sdrocץ The summit focuses on advancing free and fair trade, strengthening the rule of law and fostering relations with Israel.