Fear of leptospirosis: 2 treated at hospital in Tzfat

Northern hospital tests two patients for leptospirosis after they arrive with abdominal, muscle, pain and fever.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Leptospira test
Leptospira test

Two young people have arrived on Tuesday at the emergency room of Tzfat's Ziv Medical Center, presenting symptoms of fever, abdominal pain, nausea and muscle pain.

The hospital said that their condition is good and they are being treated in the emergency room.

Blood samples were taken from both of them and sent to a specialist laboratory in central Israel to be tested for leptospirosis.

The hospital is currently treating seven people are hospitalized suspected of having leptospirosis. The disease, known in Hebrew as "achberet" because it is spread by small rodents (achbarim), causes headaches, muscle aches, and fever, and in some cases causes pulmonary hemorrhage, kidney failure, and/ or meningitis.

Israel's Health Ministry has requested that individuals with a fever above 38 degrees (100.4 Fahrenheit) who immersed in the water of the Zaki, Yehudiya, Meshushim (Hexagon Pool), and Zavitan streams starting July 1, 2018, less than 3 weeks ago, contact their family doctor.