Warning to Golan hikers

27 people contract Leptospirosis disease; Health Ministry warns against entering Zaki, Yehudia, Meshushim, and Zavitan until further notice.

Mordechai Sones ,

Leptospira test
Leptospira test

Twenty-seven people traveling in streams in the southern Golan Heights contracted leptospirosis, half of whom were hospitalized.

Typical symptoms are similar to flu: fever, headache, muscle pain. In some patients, liver and kidney function may be impaired.

The Health Ministry issued special instructions to the public: Patients with fever above 38 degrees (100.4 Fahrenheit) who immersed in the water of the Zaki, Yehudiya, Meshushim (Hexagon Pool), and Zavitan streams starting July 1, 2018, less than 3 weeks ago, are requested to contact their family doctor.

Anyone who entered one or more of the streams and does not suffer from fever or other signs of illness need take no action. The Health Ministry warns against taking a dip in the Zaki, Yehudiya, Meshushim (Hexagon Pool), and Zavitan streams until further notice.

Hexagon Pool
Photo by Nicky Kelvin/Flash 90